Saturday, August 22, 2009

Close Encounter of the Skunk Kind!

The other night we had a visitor! A black and white striped visitor that didn't smell very good at all! Mommy called it a skunk. We were outside just hanging out for a little bit before bedtime while Mommy and Daddy watched some TV. All of a sudden the back door flies open and Daddy is yelling for us to get inside - so we did. Mommy hurried up and checked us and said that the scent wasn't too bad on us which meant we didn't get a direct spraying but instead were just wafted with it. So she spritzed us down with vinegar and didn't have to rush to give us yucky baths!!

A few days later a box showed up in the alley side of our fence. In the early morning hours after Mommy and Daddy left for work a cat got into that box. Mommy said that the box was a trap that the city had put out for the skunks and not for cats. Anyhow me and Rebel went crazy about that cat being in that box just on the other side of our wooden fence. We scratched and clawed and barked and went nuts trying to get to see that cat that we could hear over the fence. Grandpa got up and came over to see what all the fuss was about and found that we had broken the fence enough to get both of us stuck trying to get out at the same time. So he pushed us back into the yard and then let the cat out of the box. Then Grandpa had to repair the fence since Mommy and Daddy were both gone at work. Needless to say Grandpa was not happy with us and we didn't get our daily treats. When Mommy came home she had more work to do on the fence and she wan't very happy with us either.

So the skunk is still on the lose but so far we haven't been sprayed yet this year!


  1. The kitty won't hurt you but the skunky will stink you up.

  2. I don't think anyone should be mad at you guys. You were worried about the cat. That makes you sorta heroes to me!

  3. I understand, kids. Skunk smells good to dogs. It's their Axe body spray! Smells good to them, but not to anyone else. I just wrote a piece about skunks you kids might like.
    I hope you'll read it!


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