Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh the Looks We Give

When Mommy and Daddy left this morning to go to town so Daddy to could to work and Mommy could do some grocery shopping, oh the looks we gave them! We were not happy about being left outside in our backyard. Rebel just gave them the stare like he was in disbelief, and I just acted like I could care less and gave them my whatever look. I can't believe they left us!! It is cold and windy and it could snow!!! Daddy said that it wasn't going to be too bad today and that we would live. We are "snow dogs" after all... I don't know it sure doesn't feel nice and warm and snug like in the house would be if Mommy was home to love on us and let us lay in the beds.

(No picture today as Mommy didn't think to capture our looks of disgust as she was leaving with Daddy.)

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have a Heart!

Mommy didn't get to go to town today because Daddy was worried about the storm stranding them in town with nobody to take care of us overnight since Grandma and Grandpa are on vacation. Mommy wasn't too happy about not getting to go grocery shopping, but I am very happy that she is home with us and I get to snuggle in the bed instead of being out in the snow and wind!! So far there hasn't been much new snow but it is very cold and windy here today.

This picture is showing you all how I lay when I am happy and want my belly rubbed. It also is showing off my heart shaped spot! Can you see it??

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Snow?!?

Mommy said that it is supposed to snow again here! I am so excited!! In case you couldn't tell I LOVE the snow!! My bratty sister Suzy hates the snow and scratches at the door to tell Mommy and Daddy that she wants inside whenever it barely snows. I don't know what she is going to do tomorrow if it snows like Mommy said the TV told her because Mommy is going to town with Daddy. I am sort of happy that Mommy is going to town because that means more outside time!!

I just hope that Suzy isn't too bratty and leaves me alone! She likes to run me around and bite at me. I know that she is just playing most of the time, but sometimes she gets too rough. Mommy calls me her oompa loompa so you might guess that I just like to relax and take it easy all the time.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stealing Mommy's Blankets!

Hi everyone! I just couldn't let Rebel have all the fun! So I made him get out of the office so that Mommy could type for me!! In case you couldn't tell I think that everything is all about me all the time.

In case you didn't know my name is Suzy. I wanted to be like Rebel and have a long name too so Mommy and Daddy gave me a muttagree after they rescued me!! My muttagree name is Pretty Princess Suzy which I think is perfect since I am a princess after all. I have a princess costume and everything!! I need to get Mommy to take a picture of me in my outfit so you all can see how pretty I can be.

One of my favorite pastimes is stealing all the blankets! I hate being cold. You wouldn't think that I would get cold with all that fur, but really still I do!! Rebel never gets cold and hates blankets but I sure don't. I love blankets! Especially the soft and cuddly kind like Mommy has on her bed!

Me & My Favorite Bone

Hi everyone!

I'm Rebel or as Mommy likes to call me when I am in trouble Rebel Jedi Knight. I think that is my pedigree name or something like that. Mommy said that since I am the oldest I got to go first which is nice for a change since Suzy thinks that she gets to do everything first!

Anyhow, the picture I wanted to show you is of me with my very most favorite bone!! I wish that I still had that bone but I chewed it all gone!