Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me & My Favorite Bone

Hi everyone!

I'm Rebel or as Mommy likes to call me when I am in trouble Rebel Jedi Knight. I think that is my pedigree name or something like that. Mommy said that since I am the oldest I got to go first which is nice for a change since Suzy thinks that she gets to do everything first!

Anyhow, the picture I wanted to show you is of me with my very most favorite bone!! I wish that I still had that bone but I chewed it all gone!


  1. Your Husky kids are sweet! My son has one and he is also a very sweet dog!

  2. Hello Rebel and Suzy! I always wanted a Husky! I ended up with a Samoyed, she passed away about three years ago, I miss her so much. We still have a Springer Spaniel, and Lab. Still looking for another, I keep changing my mind what I want next! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip on the blog layout! I found an ocean one that goes good with my fishbowl theme. Thanks for being my first follower! I need to upload a photo to my profile then I'll follow yours.

  4. That is a BIG bone! :) My boys (and girl) generally get bones about half that size. But Kodiak won't chew on them if they're cold...they have to be totally thawed out. he's such a wimp. :)


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