Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have a Heart!

Mommy didn't get to go to town today because Daddy was worried about the storm stranding them in town with nobody to take care of us overnight since Grandma and Grandpa are on vacation. Mommy wasn't too happy about not getting to go grocery shopping, but I am very happy that she is home with us and I get to snuggle in the bed instead of being out in the snow and wind!! So far there hasn't been much new snow but it is very cold and windy here today.

This picture is showing you all how I lay when I am happy and want my belly rubbed. It also is showing off my heart shaped spot! Can you see it??


  1. I hope you have a big place to share with your dogs. They are so big, they shed, and they like to run.

    I have a Norwegian Elkhound. He's all of that.

    Did you ever read Sue Henry? It's a mystery based on life in Alaska and sled dogs.


  2. You have a pretty belly Suzy! I love the heart! I'm glad your mommy stayed home with you today just in case the snow got bad!


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