Thursday, October 28, 2010

Change of Life?

Mommy had to take me to the vet a few weeks ago.  I was having a crisis where I couldn't hold my urine when I fell asleep.  It was making me very self conscious and moody on top of causing Mommy a lot of work!

The vet tried to get a urine sample by sticking a long needle into my bladder.  They stuck me quite a few times on two separate occasions, but I guess my body just didn't cooperate and give them a sample.  They also tried to get me to tinkle in a tray... How very rude I thought!

Because they couldn't get a sample they put me on a course of antibiotics and started me on hormones too.  I stopped having accidents on the very night of my first doses of medicine.  Mommy says that it is OK that I had a problem and that it is just part of getting older.  She said that what happened is called the "Change of Life" and that ladies can have things like that happen.  She also mumbled something about hoping nothing crazy like that happens to her when she goes through the change. 

I don't mind that I will have to take medicine for the rest of my life.  I don't even realize that it is medicine since Mommy wraps it up in peperoni or some other kind of treat!

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