Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been a while...

Rebel and I have been doing well.  Sorry we haven't asked to get on Mommy's computer to write to you in a very long time, but I still wont walk on the laminate flooring so I don't get to even see the computer much.
There is so much to catch you up on.  As I mentioned I still wont walk on the floor so I spend my time inside in the master bedroom.  I also still take my hormone pill once a week.  Rebel had surgery on his eye.  He healed up well though!  He loves his time on the couch since he does walk on the laminate floor.
Here are a bunch of pictures to catch you all up!

 Rebel the Ultimate Couch Potato
 Rebel Post Removal of a Tumor on His Lower Eyelid
 Rebel Wearing His Cone of Shame (aka Vampire Protection Device)
Puppy Love

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