Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't Even Think About It!

This is me with one of the bones that Mommy and Daddy spoil us with as treats. Can you tell that I am not too happy with Mommy being so close to my bone? I am giving her my best "Don't even think about it" looks. While I am not quite the bone hound that Rebel is, I still do enjoy a good gnaw every now and again! I can't wait for summer to come again as that is when we usually get the really good big bones to gnaw on!


  1. That's a big bone! I prefer live things to nibble on, ya know, like mice, birds, and lizards! Now those are tasty. Chicken bones are okay too I guess.

    Big Mamma is like Rebel though. You can't get anywhere near her bones or dishes. You'll loose more than a paw!

  2. That's a BIG bone. You summer bones must be huge!

  3. We love our big summer bones! :)


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