Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Togetherness

See we do have moments where we want to be close to each other!! We actually do love each other very much even though we sometimes fight!! In this photo Rebel has found a bone to chew on and seems to be enjoying it very much. I on the other hand am giving Mommy "the pout". One thing that I really do not like about this photo is that you really can tell how I am blowing my coat. I don't like how I look when I am blowing my coat because I don't feel pretty at all with all that fur coming out in clumps. However, I wont let Mommy or Daddy brush me either. Mommy says that she thinks that someone must have beat me with a brush the way that I am afraid of them and I think that she is right!


  1. Aww, no bone for Suzy? We we first got our coon hound, we would give both her and our lab a bone. She would steal his bone and bury it! Now she's a LITTLE bit nicer to him...

  2. Suzy, you still look very beautiful!


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