Friday, April 24, 2009

You Woke Me??

I was all curled up enjoying an afternoon nap all snuggled on my pillows and what does Mommy do wake me up by coming in to take a picture. Can you tell that I am not very pleased with her waking me up?!? Don't you just love the - You dare to bother me look!! LOL

I love Mommy but sometimes she makes me nuts!


  1. I know. The publicist does this to me all the time. I was GIVING BIRTH and she was taking pictures. I mean REALLY....

  2. Isn't that funny that they get mad for waking them up?! Hobbes can "feel" me taking his picture from a block away now and runs away.

  3. I have nominated Rebel and Suzy Speaks for the '09 Blogger's Choice Awards for Best Animal Blogger. It is in the approval process. Thought I would spread the fun!


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