Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking For Friends!

Suzy and I love making new friends!!

We would love exchange links with you either on our traditional blogroll or on our scrolling button marquee.

After all the reason we started blogging was so that we could make some new friends since there aren't too many here in our small town!

BTW we got LOTS of snow in the latest storm. Mommy had to go outside in the back yard to brush of the satellite internet dish and the drifts were up to her mid thigh! You should have seen Suzy and I busting through those same drifts!! It was lots of fun but very cold as we are blowing our coats already.


  1. Yuck at all the snow! The Pudgy Princess would have not been thrilled with that - that's higher than her head!

  2. We had a beautiful 70 degree day. Biscuit got to go swimming in the creek!


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