Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rebel & Suzy Read!

We read a new book!! The name of the book is "The Daily Coyote" and it is written by Shreve Stockton. The book was so wonderful! This book is about the lady raising a coyote baby named Charlie and it is set here in Wyoming. It has amazing pictures which we just stared and stared at for a long time each. We think that Charlie looks a lot like a husky but with bigger ears and longer legs. "The Daily Coyote" even has its own blog! You can go see it here if you want and you should want to since it has tons more pictures!

Rebel gives this book 2 paws up and the blog gets 2 more paws up!
Suzy gives this book 2 paws and a tail up and the blog gets 2 more paws up!
Mommy gives this book 2 thumbs up and the blog gets 2 more thumbs up because she said she could spend hours looking at the pictures!


  1. I've been reading her blog (not that there's much to read) for about a year and a half now. Shreve's raising Charlie right. I'm anxious to read this, myself.

  2. I hope the book has a happy ending. I hate reading animal books that end up with someone dying at the end. Always a buzzkill, you know?

  3. Lin - Totally a happy ending for the animals :)


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