Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heat Wave!

Mommy said that we are having a heat wave here in Wyoming!! Rebel and I are definitely enjoying this nicer weather!! Most of the big snow we had has melted already!! Can you believe that those big drifts from Friday and Saturday are gone? Our back yard is a big muddy mess!! Mommy keeps yelling at us about our muddy paws and saying how she can't wait for that new floor instead of the carpet we have right now. We aren't so sure about this new floor that Mommy and Daddy keep talking about though. We don't like the floor in the hallway very much and Mommy said that the new floor will be the same thing something she calls laminate flooring. I guess we will wait and see....


  1. We understand mud. Mama and Daddy are planting grass seed in ours. It's really muddy right now.
    We don't know how to change our comment to put it under our name. Mama started a new blog today. It's us... Jack and Scout from Two Greyhound Town.

  2. Okay, we figured it out. I guess we have to choose one name or the other to comment under or just have Mama use her name. Decision, decisions.

  3. Did I ever tell you that my grandma lives in Wyoming? She lives in Casper. I wonder if that's near you?

    I'm subscribed to your blog in my Reader!

  4. I hate mud season. My hooves get all dirty and I sink and get shorter than I am.


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