Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wishing for Warm Weather

It snowed here again today. Not just a little bit of snow either but a lot!! We have great big drifts in our backyard too. Since both of us have started blowing our winter coats all this snow and cold has me wishing for warm weather...

This picture is of me enjoying my birthday treat for my 8th birthday back on November 20th. I am getting to be old Daddy says! Anyhow the treat has one of my most favorite things in it - Peanut Butter!! Mommy made these special treats for us, one for me and even one for Suzy too! She took peanut butter and put a few spoonfuls of it in a throw away cup half filled with water then she let it freeze hard before she unmolded them and gave the treats to us.

At first Suzy wasn't too sure about what to do with it but once she got the taste of the peanut butter inside she went to town on it too!

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