Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy's Rhubarb

This lovely hole digging has been done by me, Rebel!! I love to lay in the cool damp earth. Mommy seemed very upset with me over this digging in particular but I really don't know why! (Mommy said to please note the little plants starting to come up out of the earth in this first picture.)

This is me laying in my lovely hole! Again Mommy is very upset with me over where I am laying.

Mommy said that her rhubarb is trying to grow right where I am digging and laying. Mommy said that she doesn't yell at us for digging up the rest of the back yard and that all she asks for in return is that we don't dig up and lay on her rhubarb! I really don't understand this too much though...


  1. Rebel, I do not understand the problem, either! I think you're doing a good job snoopervising the growing rhubarg.

  2. Jillian and Mallory have been digging too but they do it in their pen. I think your mommy should have her garden spot and you are a bad doggy. If I were closer I would butt you...
    Your mommy takes good care of you.

    There I have been the strict goat today!


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