Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty Pink Collar

Hi everyone! It is me, Suzy! I wanted to show all of you my pretty pink collar!! My favorite color is pink so you know that I just had to have a pink collar!!

In fact unless I am wearing my pink collar I act like a "crazy wild animal" - Those are Mommy's exact words! She said that the reason she calls me a "crazy wild animal" when I don't have my collar on is because I act like I am a wild wolf or coyote instead of a well mannered husky dog.

I like to think that how I act when I don't have my collar on is me letting my inner wild girl out! Everyone needs to do that from time to time don't you think?


  1. I think pink is the prettiest color of all, too. You look very beautiful in your pink collar!

  2. oooo It's beeeutiful! =) Kodiak husky boy is getting prettied up today at the groomers. I can't wait to get our pretty boy home. lol

  3. What a very pretty pink collar. Us girls need our pink.


  4. Pink is my favorite color too! My Sasha is crazy whether she is wearing her collar or not. lol


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